I don't know about others, but I have come to the place where I am tired of going to regular Sunday church meetings. I want to strive for an experience in the Supernatural with God. There are definitley some churches that do this, some not so much. I have come to enjoy The Den which is an online gathering with no agenda with awesome music and the prophetic. In addition, last Friday evening in Gettysburg I attended A Night Of Worship and Prophecy with People Of Prophetic Power Ministries. Wow! It was amazing! I have never witnessed anything like it to my knowledge.

Joel and I were so blessed and ministered to also. I know Joel will never be the same because of the words you had for him. Thank you for the generous love gift also. Blessings Bill Yount


Dear Allen and Francine,


 I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to come and worship with you and hear Bill Yount speak. I had a powerful month and this night was woderful encouragement to me.
For reference, I was the girl in the blue sweater, called out a couple of times :o)
I know you must get lots of mail, but I wanted to share my story with you to thank you.


 A few weeks ago God spoke to me in a vision and said, "You are a Phoenix." And in a fumbling fashion, I replied "Is that even a real bird, Lord?" And the vision was over. But what I learned is that the Phoenix is a legend of a bird that lives for 500 years, is burned up, and from the ashes new life (a new bird) comes forth. I felt like the Lord was calling me back to a calling he put on my life about 20 years ago that I would be the wife of a man in full-time ministry. But this vision is dead. Very dead. Lazarus-in-a-grave-with-stink dead.


Then when I was out running in the wee hours of the morning. I was praying the meaning of my children's names over their lives. I do this daily. And the Lord spoke and said, "But what does your name mean?" and I replied, "Crowned, Oh Lord." And He asked a second time, and I responded the same. But honestly, life hasn't looked "crowned."


  So I came to your meeting at Gettysburg because I was invited. During worship, in song, the lady prophesied that someone was crowned and if she accepted the crown this night would begin her ministry. I thought that prophecy must be for me because of God's questioning of the meaning of my name just days before, but I didn't want to be so prideful as to think God was signaling me out.

 Then, you, Francine, said you saw a crown over my head and God was offering a scepter, and that He saw that the road was not easy and not what I had expected or had been called to, but it was about to change. Thank you, Francine, for stepping out and saying what you saw, because otherwise I would have managed to deny the first prophecy (the one in song) was for me.

After you spoke over me, I felt joy and also fear that perhaps the Lord was not aware of how unlikely my current situation with my marriage is. But then Bill prophesied over me that the Lord saw exactly where I was backed into a corner and that He is the WAY MAKER! Halleighluia, Praise God. Three prophesies over my life in one night. It felt complete and full and like God has said, "I said it three times; it will be so."

 But God wasn't done yet. This morning when I picked my boys up from Sunday School, my oldest (the 7 year old) said, "Mommy! I made something for you!!" He handed me a foam crown. He knew nothing of the past days or what my name means. I laughed. God is good to me.

This is all to say that Gettysburg brought me hope and life and I'm looking forward to just how God is going to move in my situation. I feel honored that He is giving me a crown. . .because now I will have something to cast at His feet (it would have been embarrassing to be the only worshipper to have nothing to offer! ;o)
Thank you. Thank you.

 God bless, Lori Archer



Dear Ministers Allen & Francine Fosdick

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today. Many times those with prophetic gifts administer to individuals and never see them again…therefore never receiving confirmation of the prophetic word they received. I am writing today to provide confirmation, and let you know you both are truly hearing from God.

As you prophesied over both me, and my wife, many words were spoken. The first was an unexpected check would be in the mail that day. It happened! We received a 2 year old tax return that had been in abeyance and we had no idea it was on its way.

Then you mentioned that a man of God with a ministry would become my spiritual covering and would have an influence or background in the area believing in my ministry and program / workshops for churches. 5 Days later it occurred. Amazing!

You also prayed that healing would come from my hands and that as individuals attending my workshops would be touched by the Holy Spirit and healed. You specifically mentioned I would seeing clearly what specific ailment they need healing of, and that I would touch them with the Holy Spirit and also equip them with natural remedies to maintain their newfound healed and perfected health. I have already received a confirmation and anointing and believe for this impartation to begin now.

Cross Training Connection is all about the spiritual connection to keeping individuals physically and emotionally healthy. Many people get prophesied over and nothing happens. You both have a connection to the prophetic and a sensitivity that hears from the Holy Spirit. I am so proud and happy that you have the boldness and confidence to speak out this truth.

Please accept this letter as not only confirmation but an encouragement to walk out this purpose in your lives. God is so awesome.

In His Service,

Dr. B.Elizuk



Dear ministers Allen & Francine
There has not been a day that you two have not been on my mind. I know now that God sent you both to me at work that day I was in need and had you not come by, I’m not sure what the outcome would have been. I just wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, encouragement and blessing. Please continue to pray for me. Thanks to God for lovely people like you. Your friend…..C Mullis GA

Radio Testimonials

Fletch here

Hi there Francine. Just thought I would let you know I have added a link to http://www.facebook.com/l/e7142;www.upfrontintheprophetic.com on my personal music & ministry website http://www.facebook.com/l/e7142;www.fletchwhipp.com Your site is in the links area.

I have listened to probably half a dozen of the interviews to date, and really like them, so I’m adding your ministry along with a few others I believe are fantastic for the body of Christ.



Janet Ely Bivens commented on your link:



“This podcast has changed my life. A divine appointment.

Thank you A and F for many podcasts the Lord is working through to bless us. Happy Mothers day Francine! And Brenda!” Treesa Hudson


Hector sent you a message.

Re: Suggested Guest

“That’s great, keep up the good work. Your interviews are a blessing. I’m going back and listening to all your past interviews and letting everyone I know about your program.



Hi I love your show since I have done the podcast I cannot leave it alone, such a blessing …please pray


for me to received the full baptism of the Holy Spirit pray that I doreceived in full since I was saved I speak in tongues a little but I would like to be set a light for the Kingdom, thanks

David Dryden



Allan Coulter

Francine and Allen, thank you for designing this page so that we can keep up with your excellent program! Please let us know what’s going on and how we can be praying for you guys!

Barbara Gump god bless you for what you do! people need to know what God is saying.

Dan Rushing Praise God for this and many



Margene posted something on your Wall and wrote:

“Francine, I am enjoying your radio station ssssssssssoo much. It is powerful My friend Jo and I have talked about it many times and feel so blessed that God chose us to be connected with you and your husband. May God bless you, more and more, Margene”


Janice Grady commented on your link:

“That was so awesome now word from God. Thank you so much Francine for having Prophet Benjamin Arde.”


Patti Johnson commented on your link:

“Thank you for bringing forth the truth! What a message!”


Tonya Smith commented on your link:

“Francine. WOW! WOW! WOW! Awesome broadcast! So powerful. God bless!”


Duffy Cook commented on your status:

“Awesome interview!!”


Dear Francine!!

I know now why the Lord has led you to facebook me out of the blue, I don’t know how you got to my name, because I didn’t know you have a ministry and I’ve never heard of you before, but then I looked and listened to your website and I listened to Steve Foss talking!

You know I had so so many questions about all the stuff going on in churches, I got saved on a farm just me and one other person. And there’s so much disagreement between pastors especially about the baptisms of the Holy Spirit! My heart cries out to lay hands on people when I see them sick or in distress and I’ve had so many questions about this and my church in Milan is American, haven’t been with them long, but they don’t talk about it and I wish we could go out and preach and pray for people instead of doing fun things together on weekends, I know its good for the social side and we need to get to know one another, but it feels like time is slipping away and I don’t know if I can just go out by myself and do it?

I’ve asked other christians and the response was slow, full of excuses and it surprised me!

Anyway I’m now listening to the discipelship course with Steve Fross and it’s answering so many questions, but I have to say, his talk on your radio about his book and the stuff happening in churches about the importance of the miracles and not the character building has confirmed it in my heart and now I listen to every word of his teaching with peace and joy in my heart.

Thank you and if you ever come to Italy or South Africa, please get in touch with me.




Nancy-Dru Flowers commented on your link:

“Francine! After our conference call with Steve Foss on the 15th, I was so excited that I told many of my friends. One of my friends ordered a copy online the next day. She said that she “read the whole thing in three hours!” Then she went back online and ordered more. This Saturday, I am having our monthly “A Company of Women” meeting here in North Texas, and one of the ladies who got one of those books will be sharing with the group all that she has learned from reading it this week!”


Fletch posted something on your Wall and wrote:

“Excellent interview from Benjamin… I posted a link on my page to this.”


Alex Colon commented on your link:

“Thank you Francine for this link. I’ve sat under Benjamin’s ministry twice in Athens Ohio and he is truly a man of character and a true prophet of God. Good word here!”


Janet Prescott commented on your link:

“Deep stuff….needed!”


Mark F. Stewart commented on your status:

“How do I get a copy of this the whole family is sitting around listening Thanks Benjamin for the truth I need to read this for it to sink in further”


Art S. Laskas commented on your status:

“Francine and Allen, recently discovered yours shows…their such a blessing…super great work…excellent!!! : )


Lori MacGregor commented on your link:

“From your link, I watched Sid’s testimony and could relate to it very much having come out of the New Age myself two decades ago. I now will start watching his show since I know what he’s about now – a man who now believes the right stuff . . . . found only in the Bible! Praise God for His mercy to me and to Sid and any other former New Ager!”


Charles Roy commented on your status:

“What an encouragement Sid Roth .org is-He is going to Israel next month with Kathy Walters the Angel lady-How I wish that I could join those two-Last trip was in 85-It was a totally unforgetful trip of a lifetime-Had many blessings there.”

Lorraine posted something on your Wall and wrote:

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve downloaded and listened to some of your shows and they are a blessing! Thank you!”