Eagle Mountain International

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Eagle Mountain

People of Prophetic Power Ministries, Inc. is devoted to training emerging leaders whose very lives are an expression of God's Kingdom on the earth.  Due to our expanded vision, POPPM is seeking funding for our newest division, Eagle Mountain International Training & Retreat Center.  

The Training Center - We are developing a place where God's people can allow Him to transform them as they learn to hear His voice, study His Word and seek His heart.
Our goal is to provide a variety of educational services for the purpose of raising up a generation of Believers who are ready and trained for ministry and the marketplace (media, government, arts & entertainment, business, ministry and family).  We are committed to seeing real growth come through these encounters.
The focus of Eagle Mountain International Training & Retreat Center which is not exclusively on teaching but on mentoring/fathering students in a "heart to heart" setting with Five - Fold Ministers who will pour out, pour in, and passionately impart and guide those who attend the training.  
Our training is about raising up and releasing a generation of forerunners & trailblazers who are walking in team relationships with spiritual fathers like Paul walked with, trained and then released Timothy. We are not a Training center who will conform you to our vision, but we are a school who will empower you to fulfill your own.