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Dr. William Elizuk's role is Director of the Health & Wellness Program.  As a naturopathic doctor who has worked in wellness for over twenty years, he has first-hand knowledge of the ailments prevalent in the community.  Creating the Health & Wellness Program is Dr. Elizuk’s way of expanding his outreach to the nation to help reduce diabetes and obesity and the resulting problems that accompany them. 

It is a well-documented fact that diabetes – which usually follows obesity – is a common disease in the USA.  Dr. Elizuk’s desire to help the community has led him to expand his efforts beyond his practice to develop the Health & Wellness Program.  He clearly has both the knowledge and experience in this arena and will be a valuable resource at the EMITRC.

Are you sick of being sick and tired?
It is probably time to make some changes in your life

To be successful at optimum health it is important to understand your body and what it needs. Implementing the subjects below will lead you to a path of healthy choices for optimum health

We do not treat or diagnose on this site, see your health care or health store professional to see what is best for you

Your Immune System
Is a complex life determining system that is dependent upon nutrients and healthy organs. Age and quality of life is dependent upon your Immune System·

It is considered an internal computer system comprised of trillions of cells that memorize antigens (foreign matter) so it can recognize and destroy them at any time. Your Immune system works every second of your life, vigilantly destroying and sopping up viruses, bacteria, yeast, tumor cells and toxins (chemicals, metals, alcohol, radiation, drugs, etc)

Duration and severity of disease and illnesses are dependent upon how strong the immune system is prior to attack. We enhance its or inhibit its ability to function effectively (life or death)

How are you influencing your immune system????

Some inhibitors to the Immune System (there are more)

Some enhancers for the Immune System (there are more)

How Many Meals Should I Eat a Day

5 - 6 small frequent meals per day will help you prevent highs and lows of your metabolism. Your metabolism has enzymes that requrie a food source every few hours. Eat before you are h ungry. A good measurement is to put your hands out palms up - that is how much food you should eat. Lots of greens, small amounts of protein and a carbohydrate. You will never be hungry and your metabolism will be stabalized.

Vitamins / Minerals

If you are not eating your 9 fruits and vegetables per day, if you have stress which depletes vitamins from your body, then you need supplementation. See our reference section for some guidance. Your immune system is depending on you to provide the sources of nourishment it needs to combat free radicals and disease.

Importance of Drinking Water

Food - Some Do's and Dont's

Healthy Resources

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www.crosstrainingconnection.org/ (feeding your body, mind & spirit), seminars/lectures/book

gotohealth.com, tell them Dr. B referred you
resources, recipes, lectures

www.eggoflife.com/POPPM The Cross of LIFE

www.phpharvest.com The place for Live, Organic, Vegan, Energy, Superfoods.